Hi, I’m Peter!

I’m a coach, filmmaker, and entrepreneur dedicated to helping you discover your power, conquer your fears, and realize your ultimate potential.

After moving around the country for a bit (dad was in the military), our family of five ended up settling in the Pacific Northwest…my home.

I went to school to become a doctor, only to realize at the end of my undergrad degree that I didn’t want to be a doctor at all.

I had so many dreams and I didn’t know what to pick!

All seemingly unconnected: Filmmaking, Entrepreneurship, Public speaking, Spirituality, and Self-development just to name a few.

But what did I do? I worked at a job that I couldn’t stand just to pay the bills.

Pretty soon I was at a spiritual stand still (another word for depressed) and felt something had to change.

But here’s the problem:

I struggled with anxiety and fear my whole life

I was experiencing panic attacks daily, and it was just getting worse…

One night my whole world came crashing down when I saw what I thought was the love of my life, climb into her car (in front of Red Robin) and drive out of my life forever. All because I didn’t have the courage to tell her how I really felt.

Right then and there I made a vow. I wrote in my journal (don’t judge):

“I will never let my fear stop me again. I will get to my dreams or die trying.”

My mission was simple: Face every single fear that came between me and my ultimate prize. I got clear on my goals, felt massive fear and then…just did it.

Within six months I made three films, won four speaking competitions, jumped off a bridge, created my dream business and doubled my income.

I realized the most important lesson I’ve ever learned:

“Our destiny lives on the other side of our fears.”

The Mission

I’ve since coached thousands of one-on-one sessions with people from all around the world, teaching people how to smash through their fears and live their dreams.

I believe that our dreams will never fit inside of a conventional box. I believe that you were meant to live a life by your design, and I’m here to help you start your journey.

Which Brings Me to You

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Thanks for visiting and getting to know me a little better. Just whatever you do, don’t ever stop. Keep going! I’m excited for the journey ahead.

Your friend,

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