How many boring presentations have you sat through? How much of it do you remember? Peter doesn’t just “give speeches”– he designs and delivers custom entertaining and motivational experiences that truly engage your audience. This is the cornerstone of real actionable education – cutting edge research, audience participation, inspirational stories, peer-to-peer coaching, and groundbreaking strategies to educate, entertain, and empower your audience.

Peter is hired to design and deliver:

  • Opening keynotes that kick off your event with energy and excitement.
  • Engaging seminars and master classes that will challenge and teach your leaders to raise their professional game.
  • Closing keynotes that pull together your conference objectives, leaving your audience fully inspired and ready to take action immediately.

Create something memorable.

I work hard to educate, entertain, and empower your audience.

-Peter Feysa

My Most Requested TOPICS


Topic One:

Conquer Any Fear: Be Unstoppable in Business and in Life

The number one thing that prevents us from scaling our business, advancing both professionally and personally, holding us back from our greatest relationships, and stoping us from growing into our greatest selves – is fear. Conquer Any Fear is a proven system, a set of practical tools based on scientific research that you can use in order to overcome fear, take action, and create your greatest life imaginable.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the #1 rule to conquering fear.
  • The science and system behind risk taking.
  • How to overcome the fear of judgment from others for maximum performance.
  • Learn how to conquer your greatest fears for ultimate transformation.
  • Learn the Courage Formula – a proven 3-step process that will put you into powerful action.

Topic Two:

The Fearless Leader: Learn the Secret to High Performance Leadership

People don’t follow titles. They follow one thing: Courage. In order to be a fearless leader you have to embody the power of visionary leadership while maximizing your team’s performance. Create unstoppable momentum as the fearless leader you were meant to be.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the 3 keys that are necessary for maximum influence as a leader.
  • Learn how to magnetize and inspire your group with maximum confidence.
  • Discover the secret to driving maximum performance with your team.
  • Learn the 3 biggest mistakes most leaders make and how to avoid them.
  • Learn how to lead with courage and power in crisis situations.
  • Identify the core areas that will multiply your leadership game.

Topic Three:

The Fearless Speaker: Command Any Audience with Power & Confidence.

Imagine walking onstage with an absolute sense of certainty, immediately creating a powerful connection with your audience, and owning every second of your presentation. This is the power of the Fearless Speaker. The secret to inspiring people to listen, to change, and ultimately take action comes down to your ability to master a few simple tools. Become the fearless speaker you were destined to be.


Learning Objectives:

  • The secret to powerfully owning every second of your presentation.
  • Proven techniques that will turn “stage anxiety” into confidence instantly.
  • Practice peer-to-peer coaching exercises.
  • The 3-step process that will literally have people standing on their feet shouting for more.
  • Discover the one thing every speaker must do the instant they start speaking to an audience.

Topic Four:

5-Steps to Unstoppable: How to Achieve Any Goal and Be Unstoppable.

This is Peter’s signature seminar for no limits living. If you want to create a life of achievement, passion, and ultimate fulfillment, you have to master these 5 key areas. This seminar is designed to help you break through any limitation and create your ideal self in both your personal and professional life. The momentum you create in this seminar will be the power you need to unleash your greatest self. Achieve any goal and be unstoppable.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the secret “new science” approach to goal setting and strategic planning.
  • Learn how to generate transformational confidence in any area of your life.
  • Learn how to conquer any fear in the face of all difficult challenges.
  • Master the 5 core ingredients that will help you create unstoppable momentum.
  • Learn how to turn your greatest tragedies into your ultimate triumphs

Topic Five:

The Fearless Connector: Be Unstoppable with Closing and Networking

Eighty percent of success in creating the sale, networking with people, or cold calling comes down to one thing: your psychology. It’s your ability to overcome fear and create powerful confidence that will ultimately influence and inspire you into action. This seminar empowers you to create unstoppable momentum with real and lasting results.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn peak performance rituals that will create unstoppable confidence.
  • Learn the #1 key to influence and how to master it for maximum impact.
  • Discover the key to creating confidence in “game-time” situations.
  • Learn the 3-step process that will move you into massive action.
  • Learn how to conquer any fear and turn it into powerful momentum.

Topic Six:

Create Ultimate Confidence: Learn the Art and Science of Powerful Confidence

Rid yourself of self-doubt and live your most fearless and powerful life with this new seminar. Confidence is the foundation to all success, a reliable predictor for all your future success, and is a powerful skill that anybody can master. In this fun and interactive seminar, you’ll learn everything you need to know to immediately start living a life of power and purpose.

Learning objectives:

  • Learn how to start building confidence in your life immediately.
  • How to overcome your greatest fears, anxieties, and self-doubts.
  • Learn how to master your psychology and achieve any goal.
  • Learn how to overcome anxiety and fear in social and business situations.
  • Learn how to create a new powerful self-identity

Note: For every live participant, you’ll have FREE access to our 21-Days to Ultimate Confidence signature online confidence course. This includes full access to all our videos, tutorials, full interactive workbook and audio MP3’s.

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